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AFK Arena Mod APK is a game that can be downloaded when you are busy but still want to participate in the addictive battles between soldiers.

About AFK Arena Game

AFK or “Away from Keyboard” are words that all players should be afraid of. Receiving a notification that your teammate “AFK” is in the middle of a boss or rank battle is almost the same as giving up your dream of winning.

In MOBA games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or Arena of Valor, you and your teammates have to adjust to the lack of players and lose the advantage of your opponent. What’s more bitter than the feeling that your team is in complete control of the game but has to accept defeat because AFK players are also ADCs.

But sometimes AFK is unavoidable, especially when you have real-world issues to look out for. AFK Arena’s clever gameplay mechanics will help you eliminate the worry of missing out. This beautiful role-playing game lives up to its name and allows you to complete tasks without even playing.

AFK Arena APK game

AFK Arena Mod APK Information 

Updated 2 Days Ago
Version 1.70.01
Requirements Android 4.0 and up
Category Role Playing
Size 99 MB
Google Play Open

What is this game for?

The background of the game is set in the world of Esperia, a beautiful and rich land with countless natural resources and wonders. However, it was never peaceful for a moment from the start. The reason lies in the destruction of the hypogeum. These are evil forces, they destroy all the lands they pass through and spread death to everyone.

With the help of the goddesses, the Esperians reappear to oppose the hypogeum. However, the goddess was exhausted and after a long time disappeared to help the people here. When the goddess disappeared, evil rose again. And you must gather your army and fight to protect world peace.

AFK Arena Updated version

Interesting gameplay of AFK Arena

When I hear the name AFK Arena, I think of a game for players who love AFK. A MOBA game where 10 players are AFK? Very interesting. Will the game be decided if the minions on both sides destroy the entire tower? But after playing I came to know the amazing mechanics of this game.

All you have to do is collect and upgrade your army of 5 heroes, after which they will fight fast but no less thrilling. The game also features a story-based campaign centered on saving the Kingdom of Esperia, along with many other challenges. Therefore, you have many opportunities to earn points through experience and material upgrades. After exiting the game, the character will continue to fight and accumulate wealth to bring back the treasure when you return.

AFK Arena Latest

Features of AFK Arena

Heroic system

The 50 in-game characters are enchantedly drawn, resembling stained glass and then carefully crafted in motion, creating a unique style. The designs and stories behind the characters are also based on different backgrounds like Celtic culture, medieval Africa and Europe, Gothic art.

If you’re having headaches from too many signs to choose from, please read the tips below to move on. Some legendary level characters like Saveas and Arden can help you through the first level until you collect enough characters. You can also use some characters for two purposes, for example the aggressive lion Brutus can deal damage and block team damage.

The 3+2 line (3 characters on the same side with 2 characters on the other) brings valuable rewards to your team while reducing the risk of using too many characters from the same faction.


Although the plot of AFK Arena is quite simple, it is still presented to players in a beautiful and detailed manner. Most of the time you just sit there and watch the AI ​​play alone, but the game’s amazing graphics can keep you sitting and enjoying for hours. Beautifully simulated characters in an imaginary style common in role-playing games. Especially the very beautiful female characters.

The ability of the hero is one of the extraordinary advantages of AFK Arena. Very effective simulation game with lots of different tactics. In addition, the sound is also very suitable for the context of each game. The character has a sweet voice.

AFK Arena Game

FAQs About AFK Arena Mod APK

How to get AFK Arena Mod APK Unlimited and Gems?

Just Download the latest version of AFK arena Mod APK in your Phone or PC and get everything free unlimited.

Is this AFK Arena Mod safe to use on mobile?

Yes, it is tested and verified by our team. You can use this Mod APK without worrying about virus or any other harmful thing in it.

Is this AFK Arena Mod Latest Version?

Yes, it is latest version of AFK Arena Mod APK with all the updated features in it. So, download and enjoy the updated features of game free.

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With the latest update, AFK Arena Mod APK is now more spectacular than ever. With 4 new characters, 4 faction towers, 60 new campaign levels and other Time Mountain adventures, even experienced players must master all the skills to master the challenges in the game. Whether you’re working, hanging out with your family, or watching a movie, the characters will always do their job to save Esperia and help you reach the top.

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