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So, you still having memory problems? APK Formulated by VAKU Apps is no longer your average cleaning professional ready to enter the race. Do not worry! Medium cleaner will help your Android device run faster and smoother. You can also save as much data as possible by deleting dirty files.

AVG Cleaner APK

Everything for medium clean apps

Good right hand with antivirus, cleaner, app lock and maintenance. Although smartphone is the best helper nowadays. However, please think before you think it’s a bad relaxation.

Program bugs and low battery issues can be completely solved with the help of the Avg Cleaner app. Surprisingly, this app reached over 100,000 downloads in a very short time. However, it was released in 2020 but is now as popular as any other.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Information 

Updated 3 Days Ago
Version 6.40.2
Requirements Android 5.0 and up
Category Tools
Size 37 MB
Google Play Open

Avg Cleaner app features

Disappointed! You have to. We expect your attention. Here you can see one of the most important functions of the cleaner.

Virus protection

Cleaner helps your device without virus. There is no malware or virus on your device that can affect its functionality. In fact, it ensures the safety of your smartphone

AVG Cleaner App Download

Cooling effect

Amazing! Do you have overheating problems on your smartphone? In that case, okay! It’s time to change something; Avg Cleaner will help you minimize this temperature and provide a cooling effect on the processor.

In addition, it has an alarming overheating effect, so you can quickly spot this overheating problem. What’s more, you get this very healthy usage at just 7MB, and so far you’ve got a rating of 4.2. So please don’t waste your time and install it ASAP.

Show memory

Hard to believe! we thought it was awesome. All processing running on your smartphone is displayed there. How much memory is used and how much to spare, and also guarantees the amount of free RAM.

AVG Cleaner APK Download


Medium Cleaner not only protects your device or maintains its functionality, but also optimizes all running processes. Your device will boast and perform quickly and adequately. Apart from that, it also ensures there are no obstacles in any process and makes it smooth and clean.


Well! Not only that, but it also ensures that the unnecessary data on your device is deleted. All kinds of unwanted files can be deleted with one click. Apart from that, cleaning and deleting unnecessary data/unused files or unwanted files also provides free space for extra help.

Avg Cleaner Pro APK Download


Cherry cake! It frees up space by removing all kinds of dirty files and monitoring useless extra folders and temporary files if necessary.

energy saving

This app can also save battery power and even extend it by several hours. Moreover, it offers 3 ways to protect your skills according to your usage.

AVG Cleaner App

Application cabinet

No one can access your messages and photos. You can lock individual apps and prevent others from accessing these folders or apps.

Avg Cleaner Pro APK FAQs

 Does it make sense to protect your phone from viruses or corrupted files?

Yes! Average Cleaner Pro will be your virus free tool. There will be no malware. It will be scanned and your device will work fine.

How can we use it to block apps?

Lock options are available for each app. You can block other access to messages, photos, or other apps by closing them from your access.

 Is it APK file safe to install?

Without any doubt it is safe to install. Even a regular cleaning professional can protect your device from injury and keep your device safe and virus free.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Trailer


Overall, Avg Cleaner Pro APK is the single most useful app for different types of phones. Plus, if you want to access all of its features, you can always use the free Avg Cleaner Pro APK. Do you want to clean your smartphone? I think every user is like that. So why not. However, we would definitely recommend this Pro version. Still not sure? Open and install the latest version of Avg Clean Pro APK. We assure you that you will love it. Don’t forget to give us your feedback afterwards!

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