Mario Kart Tour Mod APK 2021 [Unlimited Rubies/Coins/Gems]

Mario Kart Mod APK Unlocked Everything

Nintendo is the oldest and most modern game development company that makes video game consoles and designs many games like Mario Kart Mod APK. When we talk about favorites, there is a huge list of games developed by Nintendo that we like the most. The Mario series is at the top of this list because Mario games are popular with everyone and Nintendo has released more than 20 different Mario games from adventure to racing. There isn’t a single person in this world who hasn’t heard of Mario and Luigi.

Mario Kart Mod Download

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK Information

Updated 3 Days Ago
Version 2.9.2
Requirements Android 4.4 and up
Category Action
Size 129 MB
Google Play Open

Features of Mario Kart Game

Elegant racing game

Most recently, in September 2019, Nintendo Co released a new creation of the Mario series known as Mario Kart Tour. It’s basically a racing game and it’s tough competition from any online or offline animated racing game in the Android gaming industry. Mario Kart Tour is an action racing game that can only be played in single player mode. Not that Mario Kart Tour is a boring game because it has different modes with stories, challenges, events, and tournaments. In addition, it is also filled with large cards of different colors and different modules.

You can also challenge players all over the world with the online multiplayer mode of this game and rank your leaderboard. In this multiplayer mode, you have to compete with up to 7 different players and first beat the goal to win the race. In addition to the classic Mario kart courses, you can also view graphics in full HD quality and a wide variety of race tracks from real cities.

Mario Kart Play with Friends

Game with convenient control

Mario Kart Tour is a simple game with the most user-friendly game interface. Here you only get control buttons to control your stroller and you can also damage your car or slow down its speed. Apart from that, Mario Kart Tour also lets you change the size of the controls, as well as their position, so you can play them with the control resolution you want. Thanks to the convenience of Mario Kart Tour, you can control the steering wheel and go kart with one finger at the same time.

Extreme stats

The Mario series started with the Mario Bros. game which is still one of the favorite games of every gamer. It was first released almost two decades ago for Victor games or regular graphics cards with cartridges, and garnered millions of fans when it was first introduced. The same thing happened with Mario Kart Tour. It came out almost a year ago and so far it has reached over 50,000,000 fans who are using it on their Android devices while there are still millions of other users testing it on iOS. Sounds amazing right?

Mario Kart Tour is the best card racing game with exclusive animations. It will amaze you when you play it for the first time or after 10-20 tries. You will never be bored. However, many boys still comment on the same problem with the game – difficult levels. Well, that’s because it seems like it’s hard to keep up with really tough races when you’re a beginner and you’re starting your Mario Kart journey.

But you don’t have to worry about difficulties anymore because we are now here to solve them with our product – Mario Kart Tour MOD APK. This is a modified version of Mario Kart Tour which includes all paid resources as well as unlimited resources for free. Alternatively, you can download this game without spending any money from the link below and play it indefinitely.

Mario Kart Mod APK Donwload

Adventure without distraction

Nobody likes a break between entertainment and Mario Kart is a huge source of entertainment on Android devices. So here we offer Mario Kart Tour MOD APK, which is a 100% ad-free game, which means that while playing your favorite game from the Mario series, you will never be bothered by banners or video ads.

Other than that, it’s a smooth game that only contains 136 megabytes of your device’s storage and works comfortably on your smartphone with appropriate graphics quality. So, uninstall the official fun game and install this smoothie for the most satisfying experience. Enjoy!!!

Official from Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour MOD APK is the most compatible modification of the official Mario Kart game. You can check other versions that are not officially signed with Nintendo. These unofficial games can hack your data and also don’t have the premium features you want. But here we bring you the official Mario Kart game with just a few harmless scripts.

The game is 100% buggy and virus free as we have used it with different configured devices so you can install it on your device without worrying about security issues. Just download and enjoy!!!

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK Features

Following are the some most prominent features of this Mod APK:

  • Ads Free Game
  • Unlimited Money/Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Rubies
  • Anti-Ban Mod

FAQs About Mario Kart Tour Mod APK

How to get everything free and unlimited in Mario Kart Game?

You can unlock everything by playing game and completing the challenges given in the game. It is a very long term procedure and you have wait for long time to unlock everything. If you want it quickly unlocked everything, then download and install the Mario Kart Tour Mod APK that has everything free and unlimited.

Is this Mario Kart Tour Mod APK Latest Version or Old version?

It is the latest version of Mario Kart Tour Mod APK with updated features and you can get all the updated features of game for free within no time.


Mario Kart Tour Mod APK is a great game for Android and the only racing game on Nintendo Kart for smartphones. It is embedded with animated 3D graphics that include all the characters from the Mario universe as well as an actual city map for the best answers. Other than that, it’s a small game that’s convenient to run on low-configuration devices. Below is the link to download Mario Kart Tour MOD APK. This version includes large rubies, ad-free user interface and other exclusive features. You should download it and enjoy all these features, or if you have any questions, please ask them in the comment box below.

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