Top TikTok Filters [Free and Easy Use Filters]

TikTok Filters: The Ultimate Guide to Disney Filters

TikTok App is one of the most used social media apps and its fan following is increasing every day. People on TikTok are created unique and top class content for their followers to entertain them. For making the videos of tiktokers catchy, people use Tiktok Filters. TikTok has embedded unlimited useful filters for its users to help them to create classy videos for their fans.

TikTok Filters - Ultimate Guide

Disney Filters for TikTok

Many people may be thinking what TikTok has? So, here is a good platform for Disney Filters and some other beauty and glamour filters too, plus. Disney filters: Use these Disney Filters in TikTok videos to make your videos amazing.

The Video Capabilities of TikTok When we talk about TikTok, we can consider that it is an app that can be installed in a phone and there are different features with the TikTok app to use in TikTok. First, TikTok makes a one tap upload, so that you can upload any video on the go.

Second, TikTok has an interactive story mode to play your own story in your video. Third, TikTok has the option to save photos you take from your phone. You can also record yourself in a video without uploading it to the app.


Toy Story

I am sure you must have seen Buzz Lightyear in this video. so you can have Buzz Lightyear filters for your selfie videos. Rockets If you like to fly in the sky, then you can add rockets in your TikTok videos.

Toy Story 3 The Classic Toy Story 3 filters are also available in TikTok. So you can have the part of Andy riding Andy’s bike and falling down the tree with the scary Mickey Mouse mask on. Toy Story Magic the Toy Story Magic is a nice face filter which can make you look very different. Sully Captain Sully will be a good companion for you.

You can add the items like his boot or do a mustache. Easter Eggs Since TikTok has a very flexible API and has a mix of both automatic and manual features, you can add Easter eggs in your TikTok videos.


This is one of the most popular filters in TikTok and you can use the Aurora Borealis effect to your video. You can check the video below. For other effects like the sky or the snow, you can use only 4 filters that will definitely do the magic.

Snow This is the most requested filter from the users of TikTok. The snow is one of the most beautiful filters in the video sharing app. Check the video below. If you want to add a little bit of snow to your video, use the rain effect.

Another favorite among the TikTok users is the the Fairy Tale Effect. Snow Day This is the best filter for TikTok… Yes, you read that right. The Snow Day effect is super cool and you can easily use it. Snow Effect One of the most trending filters in TikTok is the Snow Effect.

Winnie the Pooh

Most of the content creators try to apply a cartoon style to their videos. But, here we will tell you that you can apply a Winnie the Pooh filter to your TikTok videos. Pom Pom Pom pom is a character which you will find in a lot of cartoons and animations.

But here we will talk about how to apply a pom pom effect to your TikTok video. In this kind of videos you can add Pompy Pomp music and you can do so by using the Pom Pom video filter. Mickey Mouse Not just about a mouse, here Mickey Mouse is a character which we can find in the Disney movies.

But, how to apply the Disney Mickey Mouse Filter in TikTok? Blurry Although you can add the blur effect to your video on TikTok but, how to add the blur effect into your video as it’s moving at fast speed? Here we will tell you.


Disney: This is the one and only Elsa from Frozen. Usability: Overall this is a really nice filter because if we use any other filter on this one, it can get obvious to us that something has been done to this filter. Features: Wow, it’s so amazing that you can see yourself as an iconic character or you can just do a ‘Super Ooga Booga’ filter.

That’s pretty much the extent of what TikTok offers us with this particular filter. Pros: The only Disney filter we are using is from Frozen, which is pretty much iconic and we all know that TikTok allows unlimited filters. All these make us understand why TikTok is the number 1 app for creation and sharing of videos.

Beauty and The Beast

This filter is available for the Beauty and the Beast video. To use this filter, click on the camera icon to select the camera icon. The Beauty and the Beast Color Grading This filter allows you to add a slight touch of color to your videos.

To use this filter, select the camera icon and choose the color from the drop-down box. Then click on the camera icon to upload. Rouge For Rouge, you have to use the camera icon to choose the camera icon and upload the video. The Brave Face To use this filter, you have to use the camera icon to choose the camera icon and upload the video.

Mulan For Mulan, you have to use the camera icon to choose the camera icon and upload the video. Moana To use this filter, you have to use the camera icon to choose the camera icon and upload the video.

Finding Dory

This is a very cool filter and it shows Dory the fish from Finding Dory and it changes the background color of the video to pink. When your video suddenly goes viral, it’s time to reveal the biggest secret… let’s all take a page from Netflix’s playbook: the name of your show. The premiere of Game of Thrones’ sixth season drew in more than 16.1 million viewers in the US—including 6.5 million in the key demo of adults ages 18-49—for HBO.

Still not convinced? Consider that by comparison, the average HBO episode of Game of Thrones typically drew 4.9 million viewers per episode in the same demographic during its first five seasons. Still need convincing? Well, consider that Game of Thrones’ weekly average viewers rose to 10.1 million in its sixth season, according to Nielsen.


TikTok Disney Filters: Elegant Genie Look and for First Time Use Disney Aladdin is undoubtedly a great Disney animated movie and Aladdin is the most famous Disney character of all times.

So, TikTok has created this filter with three gorgeous Disney princesses, Jasmine, Anastasia and Snow White for you. This filter will make your video look really classy and also have that red smoke effect which will make it look truly magical. Don’t worry! You can change the size of the filter by touching it.

TikTok Disney Filters: Cinderella’s Magical Background TikTok Disney Filters: Fairy Tale Princess Wonder Her Magic Beautiful TikTok Disney Filter: Jasmine and Magical Trees Believe in magic. Watch your video with TikTok Disney Filters – Enchanted Forest!


It is just a simple black and white filter, just use it to edit your TikTok video on Ariel, you can edit your video with Ariel Filter or you can use your favorite cartoons as well. (Tip: You can remove the filter after 20 seconds but keep on editing your video) Snow White It is a white filter for TikTok which makes your video look pretty, use this filter and you can create the magical princess look as well.

(Tip: You can remove the filter after 10 seconds but keep on editing your video) Ariel There are more than 100 Ariel filters in TikTok and you can remove them easily after 20 seconds but you can also keep the filter for longer than 20 seconds, it looks more dramatic. Beauty and the Beast This Beauty and the Beast Filter will make your TikTok videos look more interesting.


In short we have discussed about all TikTok Filters and now you a complete idea about using these filters for creating unique videos with unique content. So, go ahead and try all the useful filters of TikTok and share your results with world, so that everyone can try filters for their videos so special for their fans.